In addition to the plethora of retail customers, Ritual Adornments has a fully developed wholesale customer base with notable local and international designers. The store's success of working with certain wardrobe stylists for movies like Forest Gump, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tin cup and the Lion King show, have created a symbiotic relationship resulting in setting fashion and trends. Their inventory was integral in the restoration of Betty Davis’s dresses. Local neighbors and customers such as Robert Downey Jr., Helena Bonham Carter, Perry Farrel from Jane’s addiction, Helen Hunt, Carlos Santana, Joni Mitchel, Michael Keaton, Ty Pennington, Sissi Spacek and Gloria Steinem have all come across Ritual Adornments and been inspired in the varying ways that suit their individual style and needs.

Ritual Adornments and it's inventory have been featured in Mirabella, and Bead and Button magazine.  Also, winner of "best of Santa Monica" stores.

BlackBook Lowdown

Pulsing estrogen circulates around countless bins of beads. Girls experiencing life's ups and downs pick up a new hobby: jewelry designing. Maybe a break-up or a career change or a fashionable life coach will lead you here. Whatever the reason, it's a much better way to exercise some control rather than pulling a Thelma and Louise resulting in a dual suicide. Beads from throughout the world provide plenty of direction and inspiration to a vulnerable lady. There are classes and workshops and plenty of journeyman jewelry designers on hand to provide the skills. It's a healthy way to process change.

Historic Santa Fe

Ritual Adornments is located in the historic heart of downtown Santa Fe, one block from the plaza on West San Francisco St.  Filled with beads, jewelry, and art new and old,  this store is new to the block but blends well with Santa Fe's globally local charm.  Ritual Adornments is happy to be a new hub of the locale, and to be a part of this city's legendary reputation of being a crossroads for humanity.

Wholesale and retail pricing available.

Class Schedule

Private and group classes available upon request.

Contact Ritual Adornments - Santa Fe

Phone: 505-982-5300

208 B West San Francisco St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Santa Monica

Ritual Adornments Santa Monica has become a landmark of global notoriety.  Located on Main st for 16 years, this store is home to local beaders, international designers and hollywood stylists (see review section).  Known for it's unique inventory, Ritual adornments has secured relationships with customers all over the world.  Wholesale and retail pricing and services are available. Wholesale discounts are offered  to all customers if you choose to take advantage of the quantity pricing structure. Check out othe class schedule( attach schedule here) for beginner and advanced levels.  In addition to being a retail store, on the spot and private consultations are available for novice and professional beaders.

Class Schedule

New Class Schedule Coming Soon

Call to set up a private lesson - $45

Contact Ritual Adornments - Santa Monica

Phone: (310) 452-4044

2708 Main St.
Santa Monca, CA 90405

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